Aruba: Arikok National Park

A Rainy Day at Arikok National Park

After a quick lunch at Waka Waka and some snorkeling at Baby Beach, it started to rain.  The pouring only increased on our way to the Arikok National Park

Our first stop was the Quadirikiri Cave.  Under the rainy weather, the cave is especially dark.  We followed the tour guide into a chamber with skylight.  I heard bats flapping their wings, but only saw their quick shadows zoomed by.

The Cave Chamber's Skylight

Crossing a Stream of Rain Run-off

Soon we were on our way to the last stop of the Island Safari – Conchi (the natural pool).  At first, we were splashing muddy water from puddles.  Then we were driving through orange brown streams.  Fortunately by the time the jeeps are parked near the natural pool, most of the rain stopped.  We were able to walk to the natural pool.  But the condition was still too rough for snorkeling. 

The Natural Pool

From the stairs leading towards the natural pool, the division between yellow run-off and blue seawater was clearly visible.  Along the way, big white corals were everywhere. 

Yellow Run-off and Blue Seawater

A Coral

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