Aruba: Palm Beach and Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Class

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the beach lined with high rise resorts.  From Marriott to Westin, the beach is dotted with palapas, umbrellas, and lounge chairs.  It is certainly not as quiet as Eagle Beach.  However, this is where all the water sports are located.  There are banana boats, windsurfing, and even stand up paddleboard yoga.

The Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga class was taught by Rachel Brathen.  After Rachel gave my classmates and me some basic paddling instruction on land, we were ready to make our way to the “studio”, which was marked by a small boat.  When Rachel pointed at it, it looked very far away.  But it actually took less than ten minutes to get there.  On the way there, I practiced standing up, kneeling down, falling out of, and climbing back onto the board – all are useful skills to have for the class.

The class took place by the small boat.  We put our paddles in it and tied our boards together nearby.  Once the class officially started, I fell into the water when transitioning into every other position.  But I still enjoyed the class very much.  The wind was calm, the water was only hip height, and the sand was soft.  It was the best place to try stand up paddleboard yoga for the first time.  Doing the final Savasana while lying on the water away from the beach was so relaxing.  I really wanted to take the class again, but heavy rain prevented that from happening. 

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