Aruba: Five Free Things

Like most other islands on the Caribbean Sea, Aruba can be a pricey vacation destination.  But it does not have to be.  Here are five things that are absolutely free in Aruba that you should keep in mind for your next vacation.

1.  The Beaches

All the beaches in Aruba are free and open to the public.  Even Palm Beach, where all the High Rise resorts and watersports are located, is open to the public.  Every beach has its unique feature.  Eagle Beach has powdery sand that turns pink at sunset.  I did not have a chance to visit Arashi Beach this time, but it is highly recommended for snorkeling.

Eagle Beach

2.  Donkey Sanctuary

Home to more than 100 donkeys, Donkey Sanctuary is a must-see for animal lovers.  The donkey residents roam free in the haven protected from traffic.  They love visitors, especially those bearing tasty treats.

A Donkey at Donkey Sanctuary

3.  Natural Bridges

Unlike the natural pool in Arikok National Park, the famous natural bridges in Aruba are fairly accessible by rental cars.  Daughter Bridge and the now collapsed Mother Bridge are close to paved road.  Baby Bridge is further north along the Caribbean coastline.  The scenery here is rugged and dramatic.  It reminds you nothing of the balmy beaches along the High Rise resorts.

Daugther Bridge

4.  DIY Island Tour

If you like driving and rent a car, you can visit many of Aruba’s landmarks on your own.  California Light House, Alto Vista Chapel, Bushiribana Ruins and Aruba Aloe are four examples that are easily accessible and admission free.  There are other places that I have to visit next time, such as Hooiberg and Ayo Rock Formations.

California Light House Alto Vista ChapelBushiribana Ruins Aruba Aloe

5.  Water 

Did you know that Aruba’s tap water is one of the best tasting in the world?  The desalinized seawater is potable straight from the tap.  It almost tastes like New York tap water.  So you can be green and save some green by filling up your water bottles.


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