My B.Duck Camera Tote

My B. Duck Tote Bag at Colorado River B. Duck on the Tour Bus

The first half of February has been an extremely busy two weeks.  I finally have a chance to blog about my bus tour at Yellowstone National Park.

As much as I dislike bus tours, they do have their advantages.  One is that I can pack less efficiently and use a slightly impractical camera bag like this super cute B.Duck canvas tote bag.  The big shiny eyes are sewn on.  The orange three-dimensional beak is made out of non-phthalate PVC.

According to its website, B.Duck is inspired by the more than 10,000 Friendly Floatees ducks that got released into Pacific Ocean from a U.S.-bound ship during a storm.  The flotsams travelled to Alaska, the Artic Circle, and Japan.  They became subjects of oceanography observations.  Their stories have been turned into books (Moby Duck: The True Story of 28,000 Bath Toys Lost at Sea by Donovan Hohn).  Now their likeness is available in the form of bags, stationery, and more rubber toys.

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