WY: Fountain Paint Pot

The Landscape Surrounding Fountain Paint Pot

The next day, we continued exploring the geothermal features of Yellowstone National Park.  I envisioned the park to have vast green fields where buffalos would roam.  But, around geysers and hot springs where water was hotter than 100°F and vapor was constantly billowing, hardly anything looked alive.

Fountain Paint Pot is a mud pot with different colors due to the iron in the mud.  If the condition is right, it is possible to see the mud bubbling.  Instead, we could only see the craters left behind by past bubbles.

Fountain Paint Pot

According to the trail map, there are many geysers nearby.  But we did not witness any eruptions.  From a distance, all the steam from the geothermal activities look like multiple tornadoes. 

Steam from the Geothermals

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