Kiwi News: Ain’t No Thing

On Sunday, everyone from the Shakedown arrived at Dixon Place at the five o’clock call time.  We were the closing act of the 7th Annual International Dance Day.  Once we spread out in the lounge area, we dominated the place.  There were chatters of excitement and small groups practicing the choreography as we waited for our turn to do the “tech run”. 

Performing was new to many of us.  And there were many of us.  Before the tech run, our co-choreographer/instructor Jamie examined the layout of the theater and kept in touch with the crew at Dixon Place.  Thanks to their coordination, we had a chance to rehearse the entire choreography to music once on stage. 

After the rehearsal, we visited the dressing room and then returned to the lounge area.  Chatter and practices resumed.  Once in a while, we reminded ourselves to have fun and everything will be okay.  The title of our dance was called “Ain’t No Thing”.  Apparently, the genre of our dance was Funk.

Before long, we were moving into the theatre and onto our initial positions.  Here is what happens afterwards:

The Shakedown will also be part of Dance Parade this year.  See you there!

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